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C of E - Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship
Each Centre of Excellence receives funding from both the FA and Sport England which covers facilities, staffing, travel, kit & equipment and refereeing staff which makes a very content season. However, here at Middlesbrough Girls' Centre of Excellence we attempt to raise extra funds to make the time the girls spend here even more enjoyable with limited cost.

The more money we can raise from our own events or from external venues and sponsorship, the less each girl will have to pay for registration and kit, and the more social events we can host for them including an all important plan for the end of the season to celebrate all of their hard work.

So far we have been using small fundraising methods like blindcards to raise money on a weekly basis and recently staged a 'train-in-your-pyjamas' night in which each girl received individual sponsorship for the centre. Closer to Christmas we will be having a presentation/fundraising event which we hope to raise money from raffle prizes etc which a lot of parents and local companies are helping us with, including signed merchandise from Middlesbrough Football Club.

All of the money raised from each of these events will go towards new equipment to enhance the coaching experience the girls receive, if needed, but more importantly towards plans for the end of the season in which we intend to have some sort of tour or tournament for the girls to participate in, similar to last season.

We are always looking for ideas and if you or your company could help us in any way please contact me at We also have various sponsorship options for companies/organisations with charity policies in which we provide advertisement in many forms from magazine and website promotion to kit and equipment printing.